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North West Service

North West Service was founded in 2001 to offer various solutions in the helicopter field, from professional training for helicopter pilots and UAS pilots to passenger transport, through exclusive, high-quality and professional experiences.

Based in Busano, a few kilometres from Turin, it is an airline with Air Operator Certificate IT.AOC.0181 and a helicopter flight school certified by EASA as an ATO IT.0044 Approved Training Organisation, with experienced and reliable technical/operational staff .

North West Service Helicopter Company
North West Service

It provides its customers with services based on high standards and the utmost attention to needs and safety.

North West Service is a leading company in professional training for helicopter pilots and UAS pilots. It focuses in particular on passenger transport services, events, aerial shots and on managing helipads and vehicles for individuals, companies and public bodies. Finally, constant staff refresher training ensures we always offer targeted solutions for every type of request.

Our partners

Thanks to our professionalism and reliability, we have established partnerships with:

We operate in

BUSANO (TO) - Main base
GPS coordinates

45°18’33.4″N - 7°39’53.4″E


Our fleet

Robinson R44 Raven II

Four-seater helicopter ideal for tourist flights but also for flight school

Robinson R22 Beta II

Two-seater helicopter for flight school and aerial work such as photography or land monitoring


Multi-role helicopter used for passenger transport, aerial work and tourism

Contact us for more information

Write to us

Via Stefano Bruda, 33
10080 Busano (TO)

+39 0124 422018

+39 339 255 9900



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