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If you want to make your dream of flying come true, for fun or a career, become a helicopter pilot!!

North West Service, ATO IT.0044 certified at European level, offers all legislation-approved qualifications to become a helicopter pilot, from the Private Pilot Licence (PPL) to the Commercial Pilot Licence (Modular CPL or Integrated CPL) up to becoming an Airline Pilot (ATPL).

Discover the countless ways to qualify as a pilot on 21 different types of helicopters with single and twin engines. Our collaborations with companies based in Sweden, Finland and the United Arab Emirates enable us to offer students use of the FFS (Full Flight Simulator).


Helicopter pilot courses

North West Service is authorised to deliver courses broken down for ease of understanding into basic, advanced, specialised, ground and upgrade.



  • PPL(H) Private Helicopter Pilot Licence

    The EASA private helicopter pilot licence, valid in the European Community, allows the holder to pilot helicopters and transport passengers for tourism purposes (unpaid).

    The course is open to students aged 16+ who have passed the 2nd class medical examination at an Institute of Aeronautical Forensic Medicine (in Milan or Genoa).

    The course includes a minimum of 50 flight hours, a group or individual theoretical course and textbooks.

    Obtaining a private pilot licence is subject to passing a theoretical quiz at an ENAC branch and a practical exam with a Flight Examiner taken at the school.

  • CPL(H) Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence

    In accordance with the European EASA regulations, NWS provides a modular course to obtain the CPL(H) Commercial Pilot Licence.

    To enrol on the courses for obtaining the Commercial Licence, you need to:

    - Hold a private helicopter pilot licence
    - Be over 18 years of age
    - Pass a 1st class medical examination at an Aeronautical Forensic Medicine Institute
    - Demonstrate basic knowledge of mathematics and physics and good knowledge of English

    NOTE: Holders of private or commercial aircraft and gliding licences have reduced flight requirements for obtaining helicopter licences.

    Once the total 155 flight hours have been reached, the course includes: 30 hours on a dual-command R22 helicopter, of which 5 can be in the FNPTII simulator, with an instructor, 5 night flight hours, a theoretical course and teaching material in English. The licence is obtained after a theoretical quiz in English taken in Rome or Milan and a practical test at the school base.

    The courses available are Modular and Integrated, including the integrated CPL H IR course.

  • Helicopter Flight Instructor (VFR)

    A CPL(H) or PPL(H) holder who has passed the theoretical exams required for the commercial licence can obtain the qualification of VFR dual-control instructor for helicopters.
    The qualification allows you to act as a flight instructor on board single-engine VFR helicopters.
    This requires 30 flight hours on R22 helicopters, 5 of which can take place “reciprocally” with another student enrolled on the same course, thereby reducing the cost.




    A PPL(H) licence holder can obtain the night flight rating using single-engine helicopters such as the Robinson R22, R44 or HU 269.
    The course includes 10 hours of daytime instruction and 5 night flight hours.

  • ATP-H Airline Pilot

    This is a theoretical course to pass the exams that make you eligible to obtain the Licence. To be admitted to the course, a pilot must have at least a PPL(H), a valid medical certificate and sufficient knowledge of English, mathematics and physics. The course includes 550 hours of theory and must take place over a maximum of 18 months.

  • IRI-H Instrument Rating + RENEWAL

    An aeronautical licence holder can obtain the instrumental flight rating (IR) to fly helicopters according to Instrumental Flight Rules.

    The training includes a theoretical course, with a subsequent multiple-question exam in English, and a practical course of:
    - 5 hours of basic instrumental on the R22,
    - 40 hours in the simulator
    - 10 hours in an IFR-certified twin-engine helicopter

    CPLH licence holders are exempt from the 5 hours of basic instrumental.

  • MCC-H Multi Crew Cooperation + RENEWAL (VFR/IFR)

    The Multi Crew Cooperation qualification course is needed to fly twin-engine helicopters in situations requiring the simultaneous presence of two pilots, such as helicopter rescue or passenger transport to particular areas. This qualifies you to work in a team and includes 25 hours of theory and 20 of practical to be carried out with a “colleague”. It can be VFR or IFR depending on whether or not you want to be able to fly in visual flight conditions.
    The qualification is necessary if you wish to obtain the Helicopter Line Pilot Licence.

  • FF-H Fire Fighting Pilot *ENAC Approved + RENEWAL

    EASA has given individual nations the right to regulate the forest fire fighting air sector.
    ENAC already approved in 2009 the course offered by North West Service, at the forefront in terms of training.
    Graduates of this course can apply to private companies that already provide the service with uniform preparation and a high standard.

    The course aims to comprehensively prepare pilots to deal with forest fires, providing broad and specific knowledge of their genesis and development, a solid grounding in response techniques and tactics, and integration into the organisational system, emphasising safety concepts with an accurate assessment of problems and situations.
    - It involves achieving a level and includes theoretical training and practical tests on ground and in-flight manoeuvring techniques.


Specialised instruction

For those who need to fly different types of helicopters, from single-engine to twin-engine models.


    Robinson R22 R44 + Renewal

    SCHWEIZER HU269 + Renewal

    Bell 206 + Renewal

    Aerospatiale SA313/318 + Renewal

    Aerospatiale SA315/316/319 + Renewal

    EUROCOPTER EC120B + Renewal

    EUROCOPTER EC130/S350 + Renewal


    Eurocopter AS355 + Renewal

    EUROCOPTER EC135/635 + Renewal

    EUROCOPTER EC155/S365 + Renewal

    Bell 212/412 + Renewal

    AGUSTA A109 + Renewal

    AGUSTA AW109 + Renewal

    AGUSTA AW139 + Renewal


    EUROCOPTER S355 + Renewal

    EUROCOPTER EC135/635 + Renewal

    EUROCOPTER EC155/S365 + Renewal

    BELL 212/412 + Renewal

    AGUSTA AW139 + Renewal



Theoretical refresher courses in collaboration with Continuous Safety.


    Crew & Maintenance Resource Management

    Human Factors Safety Culture Training

    Operations Risk Management (ORM)

    Fatigue Risk Management (FRMS)


    Approved Training Organizations & Safety

    HEMS & Commercial Specialised Air operations

    EASA Part 21, Part M & Part 145 Safety Training

    Heliport Airside Ground Safety



Thanks to its network of international partners, North West Service offers courses on specific FSTDs (Flight Simulator Standard Devices) to suit every need. As well as flight simulators in Italy, our students can use the latest generation simulators located in Stockholm, Helsinki, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


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North West Service offers the option to take some courses in distance learning. These include:

ATP-H Airline Pilot + Approved DISTANCE LEARNING



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English speaking courses

North West Service is an Official Test Centre for the English Language Proficiency Test. The AOPA Test is the English language exam provided by EASA and recognised by ENAC to obtain the ICAO Language Proficiency certification, which is mandatory for all pilots holding an ATPL or CPL/PPL licence who intend to fly in IFR, or in VFR outside national borders.

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Course frequency and duration

The courses take place all year round and are mainly individual. North West Service staff are available to provide more information on training programmes and to conduct test flights.

Training involves 21 different helicopter models, both single-engine and twin-engine, plus the possibility of using FFS (Full Flight Simulators) thanks to collaboration with companies based in Sweden, Finland and the United Arab Emirates.


How much does the helicopter pilot licence cost?

If you want to pursue a career as a pilot, it is worth carefully evaluating whether this is the best professional path for you. Becoming a helicopter pilot can involve major investments of time and money, depending on the type of licence you intend to obtain.

North West Service’s professional pilots are always available to discuss the path that best suits your needs and to take you for a helicopter test ride. For any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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An agreement with BNL Gruppo BNP Paribas enables North West Service to offer the option of applying for a loan to students of all ages who wish to undertake professional training.

For more information, visit the BNL Futuriamo page or contact us.

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