Courses for pilots of UAS - Unmanned Aircraft System

Corsi SAPR (Droni)

UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) pilot courses

Professional drones are a rapidly expanding business!

North West Service is the first ENAC-recognised training centre and is dedicated to targeted professional training. This and the company’s other services are designed for individuals and staff of companies and public bodies, with expert and certified trainers.

Training Centre

North West Service is certified as an ENAC.CA.APR.002 Training Centre for UAS (Drones) pilot training according to current legislation, operating on the Busano (Turin) and Forlì base.

It provides students with a dedicated service 365 days a year, with targeted training especially for public bodies, companies and professionals through dedicated and customised courses.


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Via Stefano Bruda, 33
10080 Busano (TO)

+39 0124 422018

+39 339 255 9900


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